Monday, June 4th, 2007 15:31
inezgard: (michael)
"I aaaaaaam uuuuuuuuunhaaaaaaaaappyyyyyy..." confessed miss Granger, falling gracefully onto the garden bench, and since the books interfered a bit, she discreetly pushed them aside, and wringed her hands. "Nobody loves me!!"

"I mean, my mom and dad love me," she added objectively "and Crookshanks too...

But it is horrible to be the object of a cat's feeeeeeeeeliiiiiiiiiings... "she sobbed again.

Change "cat" for dog and "Granger" for Inez Gard and you see how I felt last Saturday. Everybody, except my parents (and dog) forgot my birthdays!

Fortunately, I've got fanfics! I re-read The Rose of the Gryffindor Toroj and other her fics (polish) and felt better. I love her fics- always funny, but also wise.

Grrr, my english sucks. Feel free to correct, if my mistakes are so terribly :)
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